?Fri, 3rd March 2000

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Every day, we will choose randomly from all of the members who have made a posting in www.themutual.net community, and award him or her a bonus of 50,000 'Units'. We will let the winner know by email, and publish their name here. Congratulations!

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Date Winner Community
02/03/00 Tim Sturggeon Jokes
01/03/00 James Horsfield Orbital
01/03/00 Paul Conway Religion Expert
01/03/00 Athur Campbell Best Ad Of The Century
01/03/00 Carl James Gray Cool Books
01/03/00 Katrina Service Squirrel Meat
29/02/00 Steve Johnson Riddle Competition
28/02/00 James Tully Are Journalists Missing the Point
27/02/00 Flash Gordon A&E Expert?
26/02/00 Nagamanickam Sai Sankar Health Information
25/02/00 Anthony Segueira Naturist
24/02/00 Lloyd Mortiss Fox Hunting
23/02/00 Jerry Langford A Good Read
22/02/00 George Brown Consulting MCSE
21/02/00 Sarah Cobb Amsterdam
20/02/00 Steven Reynolds Film Review
19/02/00 Lee Taylor Accountants
18/02/00 Joanne Mcloughlin Gotham
17/02/00 Val Clowes Rant!
16/02/00 Judith Reed Alan Parson's Project
15/02/00 Aoife Maguire Accommodation
14/02/00 Peter Davidson Everton
13/02/00 Susan Green Computer Websites
12/02/00 David Collier Trading IPO
11/02/00 Ian Bridges Cool Books
10/02/00 Paul Palmer Virus Checking Software
09/02/00 David Eagle Cashback Deals
08/02/00 Justin Hayward Overlanding Experiences
07/02/00 Adrian Sidney Lewis CV Services
06/02/00 Philip Lamond Madame Butterfly
05/02/00 Clive Piggott Paediatrics Expert
04/02/00 Glenn Crankshaw Building Your Own House
03/02/00 Mark Jones Mortgages
02//02/00 Michael Fenton About Spam
01/02/00 Marc Anthony Horton War Games
01/02/00 Alec Sutton Flemming
01/02/00 Peter Nemeth Orpington
01/02/00 Kevin Frost Housing Rights
01/02/00 Andrew King Nationwide League
31/01/00 Kirsty Murray Diet Fads
30/01/00 Andrew Loudon The Worst/Best Theatres
29/01/00 Nigel Greensitt Web Developers
28/01/00 Ian Gilbert Cannabis Legalisation
27/01/00 Jon Reynolds Freeware Wanted
26/01/00 Lucas Waring General Expert
25/01/00 Mark Langworth Recommendations
24/01/00 Geoffrey Barber Home Business Start-up Ideas
23/01/00 Michael Davies Process Control Techs
22/01/00 Jasmine Gray America
21/01/00 Darren Jones Picture the Beautiful
20/01/00 Chris Bohill Gaelic Football
19/01/00 Alexander Burnett Civil Engineering
18/01/00 Andy Dean Old Telephones
17/01/00 Steven Williams Clubbing in London
16/01/00 Paul Lenz The Wasp Factory
15/01/00 Lawrence Knowles Corsica
14/01/00 George Faulkner Capital Gains Tax
13/01/00 Richard Smart EU
12/01/00 Alison Osborne Shrug
11/01/00 Christian Clogger Totalise
10/01/00 Paul French Conspiracy
08/01/00 Barry Shuttleworth Sunderland
07/01/00 Gordon Douglass All Time Favourite Movie
06/01/00 Alison Kent Star Wars
05/01/00 Paul Mitchell Pennyblacks
04/01/00 Phil Burnage Survivors Guide
03/01/00 Trevor John Woodcock Science
02/01/00 Chin Lye Ch'ng Carmarthen
01/01/00 Syed Razmataz Millennium Madness
01/01/00 Martin Stephens Millennium Party Leftovers
01/01/00 Stewart Burns Halifax
01/01/00 Andy Ridge Crawley
01/01/00 Robert Tipper Abbamania
01/01/00 Kevin Cassidy C++
01/01/00 Bob Gear Football
01/01/00 Shayraz Ikram Women
01/01/00 Simon Best Assemblers
01/01/00 Richard Marshall Ice-cream
01/01/00 Gemma Hayden Budget Travel
31/12/99 Graham Arnold Fish Fingers
30/12/99 Gary Sanaghan Help!!
29/12/99 Barbara Coughlan Diet Fads
28/12/99 Anthony John Flower Star Trek
27/12/99 Simon Briscoe The Wasp Factory
26/12/99 Dean Guest A Good Read
25/12/99 Graeme Jones Scotland
24/12/99 Alan Wightman Bristol
23/12/99 Maria Vargas Poncini Community
22/12/99 Andrew Scott Wilson Mountain Biking
21/12/99 Martin Galbraith London Mayor
20/12/99 Beverly Ann Collins Champagnejelly
19/12/99 David Makin Community
18/12/99 Johnathen Herbert Community
Arthur Andersen-sponsored awards call for the best of female entrepreneurship to come forward
February Unemployment Rate in U.S. Rises to 4.1% as Only 43,000 Jobs Added
Healtheon/WebMD Fourth-Quarter Loss Deepens as It Integrates Acquisitions
Inter-Alliance in alliance
Nokia Chief Details Web Future
info tech
'Coolio' not a suspect in DoS attacks
CSC moves into web hosting
Hemscott weighs up options
Teaching the Government Hacking 101
Thomson responds to 'wake-up call'
Rains move into tourist areas
White House officials to travel to Belfast
GWT bans smoking on Paddington trains
Father-to-be Blair to limit foreign travel
Thousands bid farewell to Matthews
Carlisle to go with Brightwell
Hughes agrees ?3m Blues switch (Mar 3)
Recriminations start here
France - Blanco angered by Lapasset snub