?Fri, 3rd March 2000

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Pinochet -

Pinochet takes flight amid accusations of betrayal and subterfuge - There was no fanfare, no farewell, no VIP departure lounge. From a windswept airfield, hidden away from public gaze, Augusto Pinochet, 84, former dictator and alleged murderer and torturer, disappeared yesterday, back home to Chile.

Straw defends decision to let General Pinochet go home - Jack Straw came under fire from all sides over his decision to release General Pinochet yesterday as he insisted he had acted in a "fair and rational way in accordance with the law".

How a 'fat fish' finally slipped through the net - It was 5 October 1998 and General Augusto Pinochet had just taken tea at his old friend Baroness Thatcher's home in Belgravia, central London. As he was being driven away he spotted an old man begging by the roadside. Pointing, he said to his bodyguards: "Look, fat fish". It was a particularly cruel private joke. "Fat fish" was a term used by the Dina, the secret police created by Pinochet, for the political prisoners killed in one of his torture camps and thrown to the sea for the fish.

Pursued to the end, an old general takes off - The game was hunt the general, and the authorities set the rules to guarantee that Augusto Pinochet's last day in Britain was as cosseted as the rest of his 17-month stay.

The ghost of Chile's repressive past returns home - When General Augusto Pinochet left Chile in 1998, he still had a fearsome aura of power after vanquishing more than 3,000 voices of protest during his 17-year military rule. Today he returns in a wheelchair, an unwanted ghost of Chile's repressive past.

More irregularities found at Sellafield - Switzerland's nuclear watchdog said on Thursday that it too has now uncovered irregularities with the safety data on plutonium pellets supplied by British Nuclear Fuels.

Pressure grows on Telford police as Met offers help - Sir John Stevens, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said on Thursday that he would be "happy" for his force to take over the inquiry into the mysterious hangings of two black men in Telford.

Gunman statue causes anger - Unionists today demanded the immediate removal of a 10ft statue of an armed terrorist from a cemetery in Northern Ireland.

Dobson throws down gauntlet in mayor race - Frank Dobson took on the mantle of Clint Eastwood last night, urging Ken Livingstone to "Go on, make my day" and declare as an independent candidate in the contest to be elected mayor of London.

Two doctors disciplined in kidney death - Two doctors are to face disciplinary action over the death of Graham Reeves, the patient who had the wrong kidney removed in error, NHS managers said yesterday.

New cyclone hits Mozambique - Tens of thousands of people are believed to have died in the Mozambique flood disaster and the final toll could approach hundreds of thousands as another cyclone approaches from the Indian Ocean and further rains are predicted in the Southern Africa region.

Bush blunders anew in talk-show encounter - George W Bush and his rival for the Republican presidential nomination, John McCain, showed they had one thing in common on Wednesday night: both men need to sharpen their chat-show technique if either is to make it to the White House.

'Hamas bombers' are thwarted by Israeli dawn raid - Israel claimed to have thwarted a devastating city-centre bombing on Thursday after its security forces raided a house in an Israeli Arab town and killed three suspected Hamas guerrillas in a pre-dawn shoot-out.

China holds parents of escaped lama - Authorities in China, angered at the escape of a senior Tibetan lama to India, have detained his parents and ordered a security crackdown on his monastery, the Tibet Information Network (TIN) said yesterday.

Knesset throws out plans for Golan deal - Ehud Barak's tribulations went from bad to worse yesterday after his government was defeated in parliament, dealing a blow to his credibility as Israel's Prime Minister and undermining his negotiating position in future Middle East peace talks.

Conjuror Kanu caps Arsenal rout - Having failed in all previous attempts to find the answer to a Spanish inquisition they have lost in European ties to Valencia, Real Zaragoza and Barcelona Arsenal last night asked enough questions of Deportivo La Coru?a to set up a place in the quarter-final of the Uefa Cup against Parma or Werder Bremen.

Martyn inspired as Roma fiddle - A defiant and occasionally desperate rearguard action, in which Nigel Martyn and Lucas Radebe were at their most indomitable, earned Leeds a fighting chance of reaching the last eight of the Uefa Cup against a lavishly gifted but profligate Roma side last night.

Dawson celebrates new England - Generations of red rose rugby players have referred to the England team as "the family", but as any sociologist will testify, some families are more dysfunctional than others. Matt Dawson, whose sympathetic and inclusive brand of captaincy has been earning rave reviews from all quarters, picked up the theme and ran with it yesterday by drawing a sharp distinction between England under Clive Woodward and England under Jack Rowell, the current patriarch's immediate predecessor.

Wembley rebuttal forces hunt for new site - British Athletics whose hopes of using Wembley were raised and then dashed yesterday as the Secretary of State Chris Smith dismissed the findings of an All Party select committee intends to have a definitive alternative site in place for the 2005 World Championships by the 2 April deadline.

Newcastle fans lose court fight to keep seats - Supporters of Newcastle United Football Club lost their High Court fight yesterday to keep the same treasured seats in the team's St James' Park ground for 10 years.

Bidding war brews for Bass - Heineken, Europe's biggest brewer, threw its hat into the ring for Bass's brewing interests yesterday, sparking hopes of a bidding war.

Thomson plans ?100m Net investment as profits dive - Thomson Travel, the beleaguered tour operator, yesterday unveiled a ?100m internet strategy, but failed to cheer the City as its full-year profits plunged 38 per cent.

Euro ministers under pressure to ditch Koch-Weser - The International Monetary Fund hit an embarrassing deadlock in its search for a new chief yesterday, putting European governments under pressure to agree on a new candidate within days.

Psion and Infobank raise cash as shares ride high - Tech stars Psion and Infobank took advantage of their rocketing share prices yesterday to fund business development and future acquisitions with fresh equity issues totalling around ?230m.

NatWest pays ?23m for holding in WorldPay - WorldPay, the e-business software group, moved a step nearer to flotation yesterday after National Westminster Bank agreed a ?23m equity investment, underpinning an agreement to market the company's services to the bank's 800,000 small and medium-sized business customers.

Fraud stings Expedia.com - The Internet travel agency Expedia.com is setting aside between $4m and $6m to compensate for fraudulent purchases on its Web site made by what appears to be an organised and professional credit card fraud ring.

Where browsers get the designer look - The browser war is dead; long live the browser war. Aided and abetted bya London-based new media company, Nykris Digital Design, Microsoft's Mac and Internet division in San Jose, California, has revolutionised its Internet Explorer browser for the Mac, and will launch version 5 in mid-March. "Sometime in the next 60 days" as counted from Valentine's Day, Netscape, too, will launch the next (cross-platform) version of its Communicator browser.

Cooking up a gizmo future - Something strange is happening to CeBIT, the world's largest computer show. In Hanover, Germany, among the new PCs, modems and disc drives, there are washing machines, TVs, cameras and more telephones than you can shake a stick at.

Spice Girls creator launches showcase on Net - He was the man given a large slice of the credit for the stunning successes of the Eurythmics, Spice Girls and Annie Lennox. Now Simon Fuller is to take his skills as a music impresario on to the internet, with plans to bring pop music to children as young as five.

Even moderate surfing harms your social life - People who use the internet for as little as five hours a week are less likely to talk to or visit their family and friends and are in danger of shutting themselves off from society, according to new research.

Al Alvarez: Let's give a big hand to poker - A dozen years ago, three of us, all dedicated players, wasted months trying to promote poker as a television game. No one was interested. Poker, the production companies told us, isn't a spectator sport. It's like watching paint dry, slow, boring, monotonous, and expensive to produce; hours of filming, they said, while players throw away unplayable cards and nothing happens. And think of the dialogue: nothing but "check", "raise", "fold". And even when the confrontations come, who would understand what was happening? Poker is an American game, they said; we Brits prefer snooker and bowls.

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