?Tue, 11th April 2000

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The chart below shows how membership of www.themutual.net community has grown since its launch in July 1999. As of 03/04/00 there are more than 100,000 members and this figure has grown by 75% this year. The Directors of www.themutual.net recently announced that members 'Units' will be converted into shares on a one-for-one basis, according to the order of registration, following the listing of www.themutual.net on AIM.

?Revenue Analysis

www.themutual.net generates revenue from advertising and eCommerce. At the moment this eCommerce revenue includes a significant amount of telephony revenue that it receives from it's partnership with the Free ISP Telinco. When a member of www.themutual.net uses the Free Internet access Telinco pays www.themutual.net approximately .4p per minute online. Approximately 10% of all members make use of the Free ISP service. Below is a chart showing the growth in this revenue stream. We will soon be adding a chart to this section showing the growth in advertising revenue from banner adverts sold above the communities.

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